Pre-inspections of all our facilities and final quality inspections are carried out through the laboratory we have established in our own facility. Preventing and improving processes according to our quality policy are regularly carried out. Thanks to these controls, we are able to achieve the quality standard in the coating, and the special norms that our customers demand can be done completely.

Analyzes made in our laboratories provide us to control and standardize quality regardless of the type of coating, on a customer basis, on a piece-by-piece basis and on an overall facility basis.

In our system, the laboratory is not just a room, it is an indispensable part of our process.

The services we can provide in our laboratories are below:

1- X-ray

Unnecessary measurement of all coating thicknesses, reporting,
Analysis of bath liquids

2- Couloscop A

Measurement of all coating thicknesses

3- Hand type coating thickness meter

Measurement of coating thicknesses of large size materials

4- Hullcell Device

Miniature coating for measuring the performance of coatings made in lines

5- Salt test cabinet

Measuring the corrosion resistance of materials after coating

6- Thermal shock test oven

Physical testing to test whether the coating is covered with the material after coating

7- Hydrogen relaxation furnace

Oven used to pick up hydrogen loosening after zinc and zinc-nickel coating