Environment Policy


▸ILETEN has identified an innovative and sustainable environmental approach.
▸We embrace transparent and reliable communication and cooperation with the community by accepting what the society accepts is sustainable.
▸Our basic prime in different sectors is "undertaking the responsibility of product and service life cycle."
▸With this approach; we manage our activities at every stage of our development by taking into account the environmental impacts.


▸We create and apply our Environmental Standards beyond legal obligations.
▸In order to continuously improve our environmental performance, we adopt a preventive approach throughout our activities.
▸We identify and manage environmental risks.
▸We try to apply the best available production techniques.
▸We contribute to sustainability while monitoring environmental developments and using them for new business opportunities.

▸We comply with environmental laws and other legal requirements.
▸We ensure compliance with environmental practices while performing beyond legal obligations.
▸We determine our environmental impacts.
▸We identify all environmental impacts and develop target, program and monitoring system. We evaluate and take remedial action.
▸We manage community resource usage.
▸We identify organizational roles, responsibilities and competencies in infrastructure, technology, finance and human resources, and enable our employees to develop environmental awareness.
▸We create systems in our applications and create synergy within us.
▸We prepare our business standards with a preventive approach and pay attention to the application of everyone, including our employees and our suppliers.
▸We try to take precautions in a timely manner that will minimize the risks that can harm the environment when we conduct our activities through proactive approach.
▸We continually strive to improve our environmental performance and observe it.
▸We set and implement targets for energy and waste management, natural resource use.
▸We undertake the environmental responsibility of our products and services while pursuing continuous improvement with cleaner products and cleaner production technologies.
▸We enable access to information when reporting our activities in a simple manner.