ILETEN was established in 2005 to operate in the lighting sector. Following the developments in the lighting sector, our company, which has developed itself in the LED lighting sector, has entered the Coating sector with the investment it made in 2017. We aimed to provide sustainable service to our customers in the coating sector by working in the coating industry which is established in Kemalpaşa and operating in a closed area of 1500m2 working with a focus on corporate identity and customer satisfaction.

We are able to serve our customers with alkali, zinc, nickel, silver on aluminum, copper on tin, aluminum on tin, nickel, copper plating areas. All our coatings are made with environmentally friendly, heavy metal-free coating chemistries containing chemicals permitted by European Standards.

We pay attention to customer expectations in terms of work safety, environment, quality, shipment and cost, and we respond in time, quality and most favorable conditions. In order to provide this, our lines are controlled with automatic PLC systems and ERP software performs the necessary input, process and output controls in accordance with the conditions provided by the traceability and the quality is continuously and safely controlled in this way. Our processes are guaranteed by TS ISO 9001: 2015 system.

Our customer portfolio includes various sectors and various firms such as automotive spare parts manufacturers, fastener producers, electric panel manufacturers, medium and high voltage transformer producers, refrigerator manufacturers and manufacturers of hair parts in the furniture industry. We serve all of these various firms with various coating types. We are also continuing our achievements by obtaining high scores from the audits and entering into the Global and approved suppliers of the well-known companies of Europe.