Alkali Zinc Nickel Coating

Zn-Ni, which has 5 times more corrosion resistance than zinc and low zinc alloys (Zn-Co and ZN-Fe), is an indispensable alternative in response to the ever-rising guarantee processes in the automotive sector. Zn-Ni, which has a non-rusting property for at least 5-6 years, is also preferred in other sectors. The process works on two different bases, acidic and alkaline.

Excellent adhesion and high corrosion resistance for parts operating at high temperatures. Zinc Nickel alloy coating is the best process without doubt. Originally used almost 20 years ago, the process has been developed in today's technology and has become an indispensable alternative to bathroom domination, coating quality and appearance, perfect distribution in low amperage areas and especially for automotive manufacturers in many applications.

Key features of our process are:

The metal distribution is very good
Shiny coating
To achieve very high corrosion resistance
The automotive industry can meet its needs
Easy chromating property
Possibility of blue, yellow, black and transparent passivation